Cilia2024 (hybrid) is the 6th running of the biennial European Cilia research meeting, taking place on September 10-13 in Dublin, Ireland. As the world’s largest scientific meeting for cilia and flagella research, Cilia2024 will bring together cilia researchers, clinicians, patients and patient representatives from across the globe, partaking in a wide ranging conference program incorporating 11 scientific sessions, 4 plenary lectures, 34+ oral presentations, flash talks and 3 poster sessions. Cilia2024 will also provide an elevated forum for patient-scientist-pharma exchange via an incorporated satellite meeting on Sept 09 and 10.

About cilia: Cilia and flagella are microtubule-based organelles at the surfaces of most eukaryotic cell types, acting as critical sensory, signalling and motility devices. Cilia defects lead to several dozen clinically distinct monosymptomatic and syndromic disorders (ciliopathies), frequently with widespread systemic effects. Their wide ranging functions and disease associations have resulted in an explosion of cilia research over the past decade, with major recent developments and discoveries including near-atomic resolution of ciliary structures, electron tomographic reconstruction of ciliary transport machinery, roles for cilia in metabolism regulation, understanding of cilia in the nervous system, cilia associations with cancer and other common diseases, and therapeutics.

To learn about the many exciting recent developments in cilia and ciliopathy research, and to be part of a global audience of cilia biology and disease experts, join us at Cilia2024 this September in Dublin. 

We look forward to seeing you here.